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How sustainable designer Bill McDonough is re-fashioning the fashion industry

In early 2017,  "Fashion for Good" was launched to introduce more "good" into the fashion world: "good materials, good water, good energy, good economy and good lives."

Fashion for Good has created a "platform for innovation," says, co-founder Bill McDonough, through accelerator and scaling programs, which bring together brands, manufacturers, retailers and innovators to address issues of unsustainability in supply chains. By open-sourcing technologies down to the molecule and across-industry, Fashion for Good hopes to "close the loop" and "move this industry towards circularity."

These B2B programs work within the industry, but the initiative also seeks to educate consumers about how to make ethical fashion decisions. Fashion for Good’s Amsterdam office has open exhibitions to show the public its work and how people can participate in this era of sustainability and circular economy.

"The industry needs to move," McDonough said. And he’s trying to push it.

Watch a video of the discussion, withe McDonough and Katrin Ley, Fashion for Good's managing director, here.

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