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I-O Corp. Rolls Out Macintosh Virtualization Solution

Following on recent news about virtualizing student PCs, I-O Corp. today announced a new tool that will help Macintosh-based organizations to virtualize their computing departments.

The partnership will bring Aqua Connect's server software solutions to I-O's Thin Edge clients, allowing them to connect to an Mac OS 10.5 server, and run both Macintosh and Windows software programs on the same machine.

I-O is targeting schools and corporate training facilities as ideal organizations to benefit from the solution: using thin clients can increase access to full-powered computers while costing significantly less in purchasing and maintenance costs.

Earlier this month, NComputing announced that the New York City public school district had adopted its virtual PC software as a way of increasing computer access across the district's schools. 

And while Apple has long targeted the education community as a leading audience for its computers, Apple has gotten a significant boost in usage across industries from a number of factors, including widespread adoption of its iPods and iTunes, as well as security perceptions of less malware and viruses on the Macintosh platform.

Full details about the new Macintosh virtualization solution are online at

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