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IBM Aims for the Clouds with New Green Data Center, Japanese Facility

IBM today has announced to big projects for its cloud computing initiative. First and foremost, the latest addition to the company's Project Big Green is an estimated $360 million green data center in Research Triangle Park, N.C., which will highlight both the state of the art for energy-efficient data center design and provide cloud computing services to IBM's clients. Alongside that announcement, the company has also unveiled plans for its eigth cloud-computing-dedicated facility, this one located in Tokyo.

Cloud computing is among the hot technologies of the moment, the direction in which IT watchers predict the industry is moving. Cloud computing gives organizations the opportunity to remotely access a vast network of computers that can be tapped on-demand for operating applications and databases, performing searches, data storage and data security.

For its 60,000 square foot Research Triangle facility, IBM will renovate an existing building on campus with its green data center principles, bring high levels of performance with the lowest possible energy use. IBM will use 95 percent of the building's original shell in redesigning the facility, as well as 90 percent of the building's existing materials.

Other green elements of the data center's design include a free-cooling option for winter months, and an integrated cooling system for warm months that can adapt to the data center's cooling needs in real time. By designing the building's mechanical systems with state of the art technologies and maximizing raised floor space with virtualized servers and highly efficient hardware, IBM expects to run the Research Triangle facility at two-and-a-half to three times the computing density of an average data center, while using 50 percent less energy.


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