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IBM links EV charging networks across Europe

<p>Networked charging stations will help electric vehicles roam across the continent. &nbsp;</p>

A new project spearheaded by IBM could ease EV range anxiety in Europe by making it simpler for drivers to recharge their vehicles at public charging stations –- regardless of whether or not they use the same service or network at home.

Through the so-called B2B Marketplace effort, IBM is developing technology that will allow utility companies and services providers to link their networks more easily.

This will reduce the challenges associated with managing payments across different charging networks and handling international currency conversions.

The system will be transparent for EV drivers, allowing them to roam from region to region using public charging infrastructure as necessary -- regardless of what energy provider or EV infrastructure company "owns" it.

B2B Marketplace borrows from the model used to support international roaming services on mobile phones, says IBM. It would create a network of EV charging services that are compatible regionally in Europe.

The initiative is part of the Green eMotion project funded by the European Union, which aims to establish a Europe-wide EV charging network by 2015.

"This marketplace will pave the way for the electromobility mass market in Europe. It allows for open access to charging spots throughout Europe thus making the journey with an e-car simple and convenient," says Heike Barlag, an engineer with Siemens AG and Project Coordinator Green for eMotion.

IBM is one of 43 energy providers, EV manufacturers, technology companies, municipalities and research organizations involved in Green eMotion. The new marketplace uses data analytics software from the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise group along with technology and services form Enel, SAP and Siemens.

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