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Infographic: America’s water crisis – and how we can fix it

<p>A majority of Americans are concerned about the state of U.S. water infrastructure -- and are willing to pay more to fix it.</p>

More than three in four Americans are concerned about the state of U.S. water infrastructure, and 61 percent are willing to pay more to fix it, according to a nationwide poll of more than 1,000 American voters age 18 and older. 

The 2012 Xylem Value of Water Index assessed what Americans think should be done about the country’s water crisis and who should pay for it. It found that most Americans hold all levels of government responsible for investing in fixing and maintaining our water infrastructure.

However, few Americans are aware of the factors impacting water costs, recognize their water footprint, or understand the extent to which water infrastructure problems would impact them personally. For instance, most people believe they use 50 gallons or less daily -- when it is really closer to 100 gallons. The share of Americans believing water infrastructure problems would affect them “a great deal” has fallen significantly since 2010, to 29 percent in 2012 from 41 percent.

The inaugural Value of Water Survey was issued in 2010. The 2012 Value of Water Index builds on the 2010 results, providing new insights into public perception of the U.S. water crisis. Click on the infographic below to open it up in a new window (which enables the reader to zoom in).

Photograph of water droplet provided by somchaij via Shutterstock.


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