It's what's inside that counts: World's top LEED interior

Building engineering company Integral Group unveiled a building with the world's highest LEED rating for commercial interiors in Oakland, Calif., this week.

Not only did the building achieve the LEED Platinum ranking for commercial interiors, it hit the highest marks for this category in the world. While only 80 out of 110 LEED points are required to achieve a Platinum rating for commercial interiors, Integral Group’s Oakland Office achieved a record-breaking 102 out of 110 points.

Even more exciting, says Peter Rumsey, Integral Group’s managing director, is that the firm was able to achieve remarkable energy savings on a small budget. Integral Group spent $25 per square foot on the renovation of its Oakland office, whereas the typical office renovation costs $50 to $75 per square foot.

The company celebrated its achievement in a ceremony Tuesday with U.S. Green Building Council president Rick Fedrizzi and Oakland, Calif.’s mayor Jean Quan. Fedrizzi calls the Oakland Integral Group office a “transformative space” that can serve as a great example of low-cost, high-impact green building strategies.