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Speaking Sustainably

Keep it simple for effective messaging

If you’re reading this post, you’re living in the extremely complex world of energy, conservation and/or sustainability.

You’re working on Big, Complex Things all day long, and at some point you have to communicate with an intended audience about those things.

In our observation, that’s where the problem starts. We’ve worked with dozens of companies over the years who do wonderful things to make the world — and our environment — a better place. In fact, we haven’t met a client yet who had nothing worthwhile to say about its efforts related to conservation or social and environmental responsibility.

The problem with most organizations we talk with is that they have so much to say, and they’re trying to say it all.

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) had a similar problem. With powerful businesses, they’ve created a remarkably ingenious approach to effect real environmental change in the supply chain. But while the process is effective, it, like the supply chain it was designed to affect, is also extremely complex.

So we sat down with EDF and evaluated the multiple entry points and endless moving parts of businesses’ supply chains, and we developed a story strategy that not only would communicate the effectiveness of EDF’s process but also provide some basic educational information on how the supply chain as a whole works.

The result was a compelling narrative that boiled down to a mechanically simple concept: the lever.

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