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Lisa Jackson on Apple's supply chain evolution

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. This episode: Apple's sustainability chief reveals dramatic shifts to the way it sources iPhone ingredients.

Apple's VP of energy policy and sustainability joined GreenBiz on the VERGE stage once again, not long after the iPhone models 8 and X were revealed. Lisa Jackson revealed news about its suppliers, details about its lauded closed-loop goal and an aim to get more political on clean energy.

In 2017, the iPhone maker set a goal to make all new products out of recycled or renewable materials, although it hasn't set a timeframe. "It's been really fun within Apple to watch the engineers challenge themselves with such a big, big goal and to watch the executive team say no, we didn't mean 'never,' we mean 'what's our plan to get there?'" she explained.

Jackson addressed consumer criticism about the inability to swap out iPhone batteries by highlighting the durability of Apple products.

"Repair is one piece of that, recycling is one piece of that, but actually, you have to change the value chain not just to get those bats back but to proc the material and put it back into the supply chain again," she said.

Watch the entire conversation from VERGE 17 in Santa Clara, California, here.

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