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McDonald's Reports on Its Best Green Efforts From Around the World

McDonald's has gathered more than 80 green practices from locations and operations worldwide for its 2009 Global Best of Green report.

The compilation features successful practices that cover energy, packaging, anti-littering, recycling, logistics, communications, restaurants, workplace, sustainable food and supplier leadership. The company chose to highlight practices it feels can be shared and applied throughout the entire company.

McDonald's has pulled out what it considers the five "best of the best" practices, putting them up for a vote against one another. The top green efforts:

* McDonald's France restaurants that used interactive software to manage and reduce energy usage cut electricity use by 11 percent

* McDonald's Australia has implemented a variety of water conservation measures, including extensive landscaping and smart irrigation practices.

* In Brazil, Chile and Argentina, 270 McDonald's restaurants give their used cooking oil to local organizations that turn it into biodiesel. So fat they've delivered 1 million liters of oil.

* McDonald's USA opened its first corporate-owned pilot green restaurant in Chicago late last year and it received LEED Gold certification last month. The company hopes to use it as a green building test ground for indentifying practices to use in other restaurants.

* McDonald's Japan participates in the Japanese government's Team Minus 6% program to reduce CO2 emissions by 1kg per person, per day, by offering a discount to consumers who registered to participate in the program. During the 2007 campaign, McDonald's Japan helped raise the number of participants from 40,000 to 380,000.

McDonald's - CC license by theotherway

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