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Political Climate


Circularity Capital

The podcast reflects the name of its maker, a private equity firm out of Edinburgh. The show launched in September, exploring how artificial intelligence can help cut food waste, in a discussion between AI startup Winnow's founder Marc Zornes and Liz Goodwin, director of food Loss and waste at the World Resources Institute. Other topics include "access over ownership" and reverse logistics. It's worth a listen for insight for an investment firm angle around how "businesses decouple their growth from resource constraints, enhance resource productivity and drive competitive advantage."


The Impact Report

Impact Report podcastThis podcast has featured a who's who in business sustainability over the past few years, such as McDonald's veteran Bob Langert from McDonald's, Mahindra Group CSO Anirban Ghosh and Rocky Mountain Institute Co-founder Hunter Lovins. Bard College MBA students conduct the interviews. Full disclosure: Edited transcripts of each podcast formerly known as Sustainable Business Fridays, appear in the Sustainable MBA column on GreenBiz.

Explore the circular economy

If the circular economy is your In more than 20 wide-ranging episodes since 2016, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation discusses soil, insects, cities, reverse logistics. Forty-five percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from producing products used in everyday life.

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