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Most Americans and Canadians Say 'Green' Labeling Just a Marketing Tactic

Most Americans and Canadians view green product labels as just a sales tactic and are reluctant to pay for such products, according to a recent study.

"Consumers appear to be wary of companies who label their products as being 'green,' or environmentally friendly," said Market Research Company Ipsos Reid.

The company surveyed consumers about their perceptions of products touting "green" attributes. Seventy percent of American respondents called the green designation "just a marketing tactic." Sixty-four percent of Canadians concurred.

The results showed that men in the U.S. and Canada were more skeptical of green products compared to women. Seventy-two percent of Americans in the South will likely doubt a product's green status, compared to 58 percent of Americans in the Northeast.

Forty-four percent of Americans said they wouldn't shell out more money for green building products despite knowing the items could save money in the long-term, and are probably better for the environment.

"On the other hand, six in ten 'completely' or 'somewhat disagree' that they would not be willing to pay more upfront for home building products that cost more upfront," the report said.

Responses from Canadians participants echoed this sentiment. Forty percent of Canadians expressed an unwillingness to pay more for green building products.

Overall, Canadians are more likely that Americans to say they understand the benefits of building products with green billings.

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