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Naked Juice, Earthbound Farm Switch to Recycled Packaging

<p>Naked Juice and Earthbound Farm have each debuted packaging made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled content, some of the first instances of 100 percent recycled packaging for food and drink products.</p>

This month, Earthbound Farm and Naked Juice have announced they're each putting out products in plastic packaging made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.

Naked Juice bottleEach company's recycled products are PET plastic (identified by the resin code 1), the most widely-recycled plastic. Naked Juice is converting all of its 32 ounce bottles to its recycled reNEWabottle this month, and the company plans to have all of its plastic packaging switched to the recycled alternative in 2010.

All of the recycled content bottles (right) will be clear, instead of translucent like the current bottles. Once the full conversion is complete, Naked Juice will have transitioned 8.1 million pounds of virgin plastic a year to recycled plastic.

Earthbound Farm packagingEarthbound Farm has already converted its entire line of plastic clamshell packages (left) for its salads to 100 percent PCR plastic. By switching to only recycled plastic, the company estimates it's conserving 424,000 million BTUs of energy and 68,307 gallons of water, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 16,191 tons and using 1.3 million pounds of post-consumer plastic a year.

The two companies' efforts are the first in each of their industries to utilize 100 percent PCR plastic. Some companies like Method have been using 100 percent PCR content, but not in food or drink applications. And few in the food and drink industry have attained high levels of PCR content. Coca-Cola, for example, has less than 4 percent recycled material in its PET bottles and is trying to work that up to 10 percent.

Naked Juice bottles - CC license by Thirteen Of Clubs

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