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NASCAR Takes a Green Turn with Corn-Fueled Cars

NASCAR and environmental change rarely are seen together, but that's exactly what's happening during this year's NASCAR season.

For the first time, the nation's most popular motorsport is using a blend of 15 percent ethanol in all its cars. In "Corn-Fueled Cars," energyNOW! Correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan takes a look at how the organization and its drivers are adapting to the new fuel, and how it's paying off in performance.

Sullivan visits Pit Road at the Daytona 500, where his cousin, Scott Wood, gasses up driver Denny Hamlin's car with the new fuel. He also talks to driver Clint Bowyer, who tells him how E15 could be making his car and others even faster.

The fuel is blended at Sunoco's Marcus Hook refinery near Philadelphia, and Sullivan is on hand to see workers there truck it out to every track on the NASCAR circuit.

Here is Sullivan's news video:

This content originally appeared on energyNOW! and is reprinted with permission.


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