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NetApp's Green Drive Fueled $1.4M PG&E Rebate, Recognition as Eco-Friendly Business

NetApp's $1.4 million rebate — the largest of its kind awarded so far by PG&E — for construction of its new data center and its certification as a green business mark the latest recognition for the 16-year-old firm and its eco-friendly efforts.

PG&E tendered the $1,427,477 rebate under its incentive program for energy-efficient building design and construction that's aimed at commercial, industrial, high-tech and agricultural customers. NetApp received the rebate for building its new engineering data center, which also will help the company knock down energy costs by almost $1.2 million a year and slash its carbon dioxide emissions — as Preston Gralla details here.

In addition, NetApp was recognized by the regional Green Business Program, a partnership among local governments, business and environmental and waste management agencies that honors and promotes entities exceeding environmental regulations. NetApp was certified a green business by the Santa Clara County branch of the program, which also acknowledged the firm for its achievements in waste management.

The firm said its ongoing efforts include diverting and recycling millions of pounds of waste materials, an employee initiative to reuse food and beverage containers, composting and recycling of household e-waste — old cell phones, computers, TVs and the like.

"From our data center design to our efforts to reduce facilities waste, we are implementing strategies to create greater efficiencies across numerous areas of our business," said Laura Pickering, vice president, Office of the CEO, and NetApp's environmental responsibility advocate in a statement. "We are extremely thankful that PG&E and the Green Business Program acknowledged our efforts."

Earlier this year, InfoWorld named NetApp among its Green 15 IT innovators for its work in devising cooling systems for high-density data centers.

As a result of its companywide initiatives, the firm said it has already met the Environmental Protection Agency's energy efficiency standards for 2011 state-of-the-art data centers.

NetApp details its work toward environmental responsibility here and its dialogue on green issues with an extended community of stakeholders here.

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