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A new carbon economy: a dream or a reality?

There's no question that there's too much carbon in our atmosphere.

The good news is that the technology exists to remove it — even if the will to stop emitting is a bit lacking. Of course, there's some public confusion (and controversy) over the fast pace and high price of these technologies. But there's also the promise of "carbon capture," drawing carbon out of the air and reusing it in products such as plastics and cement, and other carbon sequestering practices such as aforestation and reforestation. 

Kate Gordon, senior adviser at the Paulson Institute, Julio Friedmann, senior research scholar at Columbia University, and Charlene Russell, VP of low-carbon solutions at Occidental Petroleum, sat down to talk about a new carbon economy at VERGE 18 in October. They discussed how the potential of a carbon market and the possibility of carbon as an economic driver rather than an environmental enemy seems closer and more necessary than ever.

Watch the video here.

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