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This new Goodyear tire design for EVs is self-regenerating

Among the design benefits: enhanced cooling, reduced drag for extended battery life, and easier puncture repairs that minimize waste.

Goodyear has unveiled designs for new ultra-durable tires made from biodegradable materials, which it claims can both "self-regenerate" and adapt to changing road conditions, in a move aimed at helping electric car drivers cut down on maintenance costs and waste.

The "reCharge" tire concept uses sustainable, biological material and enables drivers to "recharge" the tread using customizable liquid capsules, which the U.S. firm said would enable the tires to regenerate and adapt over time to different climatic or road conditions.

The low maintenance design would "radically simplify" the process of fixing punctures and replacing tires, while the compound material in the liquid capsules can be customized to a particular car or driver's needs based on driving data captured via artificial intelligence technology, it explained.

Moreover, the tire treads would be made from "extremely durable and 100 percent biodegradable material," according to Goodyear.

"The compound itself would be made from a biological material and would be reinforced with fibers inspired by one of the toughest natural materials in the world — spider silk," the company said.

Sebastien Fontaine, lead designer at the Goodyear's Innovation Center in Luxembourg, said the aim was to create a new tire designed with electric mobility in mind.

"The Goodyear reCharge is a concept tire without compromise, supporting personalized, sustainable and hassle-free electric mobility," he said.

Meanwhile, the firm also has designed the tires for Lexus's fully electric, autonomous car concept — the LF-30 Electrified — which it said were specially designed to enhance the cooling of electric vehicle motors behind each wheel, and reduce drag in order to boost battery range, it announced last week.

"This collaboration demonstrates once again the critical role tires can play in shaping the future of electric mobility," said Mike Rytokoski, vice president and chief marketing officer for Goodyear Europe.

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