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New insurance will replace a totaled gas guzzler with a hybrid

Building on its years of developing green-themed insurance for buildings and vehicles, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company has introduced hybrid upgrade auto insurance.
The coverage allows policyholders to move up to a hybrid model or its equivalent if their vehicle is damaged to the point that it's a total loss.

The upgrade only applies to a vehicle's first three model years, so no turning in a '99 Toyota to get a Prius, and replaces vehicles with similar equipment and options. Fireman's Fund also said the new policy is structured to cover the extra cost of the new vehicle, and not just the value of the destroyed vehicle.

While overall hybrid vehicles sales are lagging compared to last year this time, hybrid sales have risen more than 18 percent from April to May. Giving people the ability to switch to a hybrid and cover all of its cost after an accident or other incident can only help that.

Hybrid - CC license by jiazi, Prius - CC license by Listener42

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