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New Life for Resort's Green Partnership Guide

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has released the second edition of its acclaimed Green Partnership Guide, a comprehensive how-to for companies looking to "green" their operations.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has released the second edition of its acclaimed Green Partnership Guide, a comprehensive how-to for companies looking to "green" their operations.

Forwarded by world-renowned environmentalist David Suzuki, the guide is a follow up to Fairmont's first book, which was the foundation of the company's award-winning Green Partnership program. A step-by-step guide to incorporating environmental initiatives into the workplace, the second edition details everything needed to start, maintain and grow an environmental program, including information on reducing operating costs, keeping employees motivated and tracking savings.

According to Ann Layton, Fairmont's vice president of public affairs and communications, and winner of the International Green Hotelier Award, the time was right to launch the new Guide.

"Our first Green Partnership Guide was enormously popular, and we have sold thousands of copies all over the world. The new guide contains all the new information that we have learned in the past decade, and truly is a blueprint that any business -- not just hotels -- can follow," Layton said.

"Tourism is the largest industry in the world, and our day to day operations have a huge impact on the planet we all share. As the industry continues to grow and resources become scarce and costly, effective environmental management is going to become an integral part of managing a productive business" Layton said.

Tips from the Guide

According to Lyle Thompson, Fairmont's environmental affairs manager, the Guide offers tips beyond what most people may think of when they think of sustainability.

"Announcing a towel and sheet exchange program to your guests is a great start, but it does not make you a 'green' hotel," Thompson told GreenBiz. "Consumers are aware that if you're saving water, energy and detergent, the hotel is obviously saving money as well as the environment. Thankfully there are many other environmental initiatives which will also save money while protecting the environment."

For example, said Thompson:
  • For large scale hotels, recycling is usually much cheaper than landfill disposal
  • Energy-efficient lighting is initially expensive, but offers huge savings down the line
  • Outfitting guest rooms with water-efficient shower heads, tap aerators, and toilets save water, energy, and money
  • Communicating your goals to suppliers can reduce excess packaging and waste disposal fees
  • Donating old furniture, amenities and leftovers to shelters and food bank reduces disposal fees and benefits the community
  • Involving your employees in grassroots programs such as endangered species protection creates a sense of pride and ownership
  • Communicating your effort to the guest creates customer appreciation.
"Fairmont has been reaping these benefits for the past 10 years and we are proud to be recognized as environmental leaders in the industry. Our new Green Partnership Guide outlines all of our award winning programs, including instruction, case studies and cost saving examples of where hotels can save money and resources," Thompson said.

Fairmont's Green Partnership program was launched in 1990, and recently was recognized by National Geographic Traveler as the most comprehensive environmental program in the North American hotel industry.

Ordering information:

To order a copy of Fairmont's second edition of The Green Partnership Guide, call Fairmont's office of environmental affairs, 416-874-2600, or write



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