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New Scorecard Shows Path to Greener Plastics

A new scorecard slated for release this month rates different types of plastics based on their lifecycle impacts and hazards in an effort to advance sustainable raw material choices, greener chemistry and closed loop systems.

The Plastics Scorecard will be unveiled by not-for-profit group Clean Production Action and consultancy Pure Strategies on Sept. 30 at the Biopolymer Symposium 2009 in Chicago.

The scorecard is aimed at helping manufacturers, purchasers and government agencies move away from the most hazardous types of plastics and switch to more-preferable options.

“The Scorecard is essentially a decision-making tool aimed at improving the design of plastic products,” said Clean Production Action's Research Director Mark Rossi. “As more and more consumers demand products that do not include toxic chemicals, companies, governments and environmental organizations need a way to assess the environmental preferability of the various alternatives.”

Plastics are given a grade of A+ to F, ratings based on their environmental and human health impacts through all parts of their lifecycles, including feedstock production, manufacturing, use and disposal.

Plastic items - / CC BY 2.0


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