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New year, new energy: Cleantech innovations vie for the spotlight at CES

Sponsored: Cleantech is positioned to take center stage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show with good reason: extreme weather events spanning from wildfires to unseasonably early winter storms are showing consumers and businesses alike that waiting for government action is no longer an option.

This article is sponsored by Enel X.

November was the second warmest November on record in 140 years, and the 419th consecutive month with temperatures above the 20th century average. The levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached another record high. According to a recent release by the World Meteorological Association, this amounts to a 43 percent increase in total radiative forcing by long-lived greenhouse gases, also known as the warming effect on the climate, since 1990.

Although this trend is showing no signs of slowing down, international governments are retreating from long-standing commitments to rein in fossil fuel pollution, subverting the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change and agreeing only that there is an "urgent need" for countries to address this growing concern. In light of this, energy companies such as Enel are emerging as global leaders in the efforts to ensure a more sustainable future for the planet.

At Enel, we believe collaboration and innovation are the keys to combating climate change. We’re dedicated to changing the way businesses, cities and people think about and engage with energy with a goal of shifting to more responsible practices. Enel is excited to join the growing number of cleantech companies at CES for the first time this year, showcasing the Enel X division’s products and solutions designed to help businesses, cities, consumers and transportation address the challenges of today’s complex energy market.

Enel is "showing up" at CES to demonstrate its efforts to power sustainable possibilities, demonstrating technological solutions that are all about eco-design and making clean energy even cleaner. Our team hopes Enel’s presence as one of the world's largest energy companies will help spur an elevated focus on cleantech and sustainable innovation at CES, connecting brilliant minds from across industries to address the energy future of our homes, transportation, businesses and cities.

At Enel, we believe collaboration and innovation are the keys to combating climate change.

Looking back at CES 2019

In 2019, climate change-fighting tech became a major theme of CES, a surprising shift for an event typically thought of as the stage for talking toilets and laundry-folding robots. The topic was so big that the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), organizers of CES, held the second-annual CES Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators contest, which honored seven startups for their ideas on how to reduce GHG emissions. 

From plant-based meats to digital gardeners and everything in between, the cleantech that was on display at CES last year continued to raise the bar and show promise for the future of large- and small-scale sustainable solutions.  

Enel ushers in a new decade of cleantech

In its first year at CES, Enel X will showcase its sustainable solutions for consumers, transportation, businesses and cities. Among the featured products, attendees will have a chance to explore Enel X’s high-speed EV smart charging stations and public lighting systems.

  • Smart charging for consumersEnel X has launched a new product portfolio that suits consumers’ charging needs through hassle-free residential and commercial charging options. Unlike traditional chargers, Enel X’s smart chargers use the JuiceNet EV charging platformwhich enables vehicles to be charged when the cost of electricity is low and when the availability of renewable energy sources is high to help ensure vehicles are charged with renewable energy.
  • Smart charging for businesses: As more EVs hit the road, more employees want the flexibility to charge while they work. At CES, Enel X will have its new line of commercial charging products on hand that help companies provide employee perks while improving sustainability.
  • Smart city infrastructure: Enel X is working to make cities smarter, safer and more welcoming than ever. The company offers a wide range of smart city services that integrate information from sensors and video cameras located throughout urban areas and from many sources of big data available today.  

A sustainable future requires that we rethink economic paradigms, transitioning to a model where waste is not eliminated but recovered, recycled or refurbished for new use. Enel’s booth will emphasize the company’s focus on the circular economy, showcasing technological solutions that are all about eco-design, with a focus on renewable energies and recyclable materials.

The Enel team is anxiously waiting to see the cleantech innovations our peers will bring to the showroom floor later this week. If previous exhibitions are any sign of what’s to come, and we’re confident they are, this will be another banner year for sustainability at CES.

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