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Nike's Considered Design Seeps Into More Products

<p>Nike has announced 11 new products, spread among its major sports and fitness categories, developed with its Considered Design principles.</p>

Nike has announced 11 new shoes, shirts and jackets developed with its Considered Design principles of reducing waste, eliminating toxic substances and using environmentally preferred materials.

The company has released Considered products over the last few years, but this is the largest roll out of Considered items that span Nike's main product categories of basketball, running, soccer, women's and men's training, and sportswear.

Nike's Considered Design is aimed at reducing the impact of products through rethinking, replacing or eliminating materials during design, development and manufacturing.

The patterns for most of the new shoes were developed to reduce waste from cutting them out. The City Court 4 tennis shoe (above) has the best pattern efficiency of any Nike shoe, reducing cutting waste by 20 percent. Some of the new shoes also feature recycled content, scrap waste and less material.

The Huarache 09 basketball shoe's stitching details and embroidery provide structural support, eliminating the need for extra overlays and backing materials. And parts of the Raramuri shoe (below) are held together with lacing that takes the place of solvent-based cements.

The new Nike sportswear tee is made of 100 percent organic cotton with eco-friendly ink in its logo. The polyester in the Windrunner and Eugene jackets is 100 percent recycled. The Windrunner's zipper tape is made of recycled materials, and the Eugene's inner layer is 100 percent organic cotton.

Nike plans for all of its footwear to meet its baseline Considered standards by 2011, all its apparel to be Considered by 2015 and all other equipment to meet that goal by 2020.

The new Considered products are the Huarache 09 basketball shoe, Air Essential Sister women's training shoe, Air Generate MSL men's training shoe, City Court 4 tennis shoe, Dart VII running shoe, Pegasus 25 running shoe, Raramuri all-conditions gear shoe, Tiempo Light football boot, sportswear tee, Windrunner jacket and Eugene track jacket.

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