Nominate a clean economy visionary for the VERGE Vanguard Awards

GreenBiz Group

Innovators. Disruptors. Evangelists. Every economic movement, every technology revolution is catalyzed by individuals and organizations who flout the rules to bring forth products, services and business models that blaze a new trail to the future.

The inaugural VERGE Vanguard Awards will honor those on the leading edge of the clean economy — the dreamers, pioneers, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, business leaders, policymakers and investors on the cutting edge of an equitable, inclusive transition to a clean power grid, a zero-emissions transportation system and the circular economy. 

We need your help identifying the people, companies and organizations around the world that deserve recognition in this special GreenBiz feature. Whether it’s the founder of a paradigm-smashing startup, a multinational company turning its back on the status quo, an elected or appointed official laying the groundwork for innovative policies or a business collaboration transforming an industry, we invite your nominations.

If you know a person or organization (company, NGO or trade group) who should be honored, please submit your nomination at this link by our Aug. 3 deadline. (Sorry, you cannot nominate yourself.) The winners, to be chosen by the GreenBiz editorial team, will be featured in a special report to be published in mid-September.

The nomination period has expired. 

Thanks for all the great submissions!