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Norm Thompson Outfitters Newest Inductee to the Green Mail Hall of Fame

The nonprofit Center for a New American Dream has announced its newest inductee to the Green Mail Hall of Fame: Norm Thompson Outfitters, publishers of the catalogs Norm Thompson, Solutions, and Sahalie. New American Dream commends Norm Thompson for consuming natural resources wisely and efficiently, presenting the company's headquarters with a locally grown, organic tree and a recycled-glass plaque.

"This is a small gesture to recognize the thousands of trees and resources Norm Thompson is saving through their environmental stewardship, respect for citizens' privacy, and responsible business practice," stated Diane Wood Center for a New American Dream executive director.

Each year catalog retailer's mail out an estimated 17 billion catalogs. That's 59 for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. Yet almost none of the paper used contains recycled content. This means that every year nearly eight million tons of trees go straight into catalogs that are often discarded or unread. The Norm Thompson Forest Protection and Paper Procurement Policy represents a forward-thinking model for other companies looking to do the right thing. Most importantly, Norm Thompson is documenting all of its efforts in order to provide a replicable model. John Emrick, president and CEO of Norm Thompson said, "For several years we have been committed to partnering with environmental groups, paper suppliers, and our catalog colleagues in finding constructive ways to protect forests. With our new policy we are trying to take a reasonable leadership position on this complex issue. Together we all can make a positive difference."

Norm Thompson Outfitters was also awarded the Robert Rodale Environmental Mailer of the Year award in both 2000 and 2001, began printing their catalogs on a minimum of 10% post-consumer recycled content after working with Environmental Defense's Alliance for Environmental Innovation. To date, Norm Thompson has set the goal of achieving an average of 30% post-consumer recycled content within the next three years, and has already made significant strides as a founding participant of the Paper Working Group and by publishing the first catalog on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper.

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