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OfficeMax Unveils Line of TerraCycle's Made-from-Waste Office Products

The pencil cases in OfficeMax's newest retail offerings may look surprisingly familiar, even nostalgic to some shoppers. The cases are made from discarded containers of Capri Sun, the juice pouch more frequently seen on playgrounds than on end-caps.

The cases are just one of the new products for sale at OfficeMax stores nationwide created by TerraCycle, a company making innovative products from "waste-stream" materials like juice packages, plastic bottles and e-waste. Among the other products that OfficeMax announced it would carry include binders made from 100 percent reused cardboard, trash cans made from recycled e-waste plastic, and non-toxic cleaning products packaged in old soda bottles.

In addition to diverting materials from the waste stream, TerraCycle's products also aim to give back to the community as well as the environment. The Capri Sun pouches used in the pencil cases, for instance, are collected as fundraisers at schools; TerraCycle pays the schools two cents per pouch, and then turns what would otherwise be garbage into a new product.

The new line of products on sale at OfficeMax is TerraCycle's opening foray into the realm of office products. TerraCycle first made waves in 2007 when it was sued by Scott's Miracle-Gro for what that company said were misleading claims for its flagship product, its worm poop fertilizers. The two companies settled the complaint in September.

TerraCycle and OfficeMax plan to work together on introducing more products to shoppers, as well as furthering fundraising and educational efforts around reuse and recycling of waste products.

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