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Online Directory Links Plastic Waste Buyers and Sellers

<p>, an online directory for buyers and sellers of plastic scrap, has been expanded with a wider scope of materials, scrap pricing and an improved search feature.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

Moore Recycling Associates has updated and expanded its online directory for plastic scrap,

The recycling company created the site about 10 years ago as a pilot site focused just on California. After a few years it was expanded to include recyclers in the Northwest, and it went national a couple years ago, said Nina Bellucci Butler of Moore Recycling Associates.

"The site was created because our company was fielding tons of inquiries about markets and how to collect and prepare plastics for market," she said. "We sought funding from the plastics industry to develop a resource to address the growing interest in plastic recycling."

The site is aimed at the plastics industry, not the general public, and lets companies search for plastic scrap buyers and sellers by company name, plastic type, material form (bottles, films, etc.), company type, post-consumer or post-industrial material, and size of load.

Moore recently expanded the scope of the site, and added scrap pricing history and an improved search system.

Bellucci Butler said that Moore has been directly involved in at least 5,000 connections made through the site, and estimates that just as many connections have been made without Moore's involvement.

The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council helped the creation of the site, and provides ongoing support along with the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers.

Bales of plastic - / CC BY 2.0

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