Paul Hawken on how to end climate change

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Paul Hawken on how to end climate change

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Limiting greenhouse gases is the focus of the Paris Accord, but Paul Hawken believes we can go further. His latest book, "Drawdown," maps out "the 100 most substantive solutions to climate change," he said. "We have the science, we have the economics. What's fascinating about that goal for us is that it's never been done." These 100 real-world solutions are all on the rise, and humanity can achieve them even in our lifetime, added Hawken, also describing some solutions that are off the mark.

"Two degrees is not a goal, it's a measure," said the author and entrepreneur. "The only goal that makes sense to humanity is to bring it back home, or else we aren't going to be here."

Watch the entire conversation from GreenBiz 16 in Phoenix, Arizona, here.

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