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P&G Creates All-Star Panel for Sustainability Advice

Procter and Gamble just kicked off a consumer engagement campaign designed to help its customers use its products in ways that save water, waste, energy and money.

Behind the scenes, a nine-member panel of sustainability experts consulted P&G “extensively” on the roll out of its Future Friendly campaign.

On Thursday the consumer goods manufacturer announced the members who sit on its U.S. Sustainability Expert Advisory Panel, which helps the company evaluate future consumer-facing initiatives and offer advice on sustainability-oriented issues.

The members are:Stephen Ashkin {related_content} Stephen Ashkin, (right) president of the Ashkin Group LLC, author of the Green Cleaning newsletter and a past contributor. Ashkin is also founding executive director of the Green Cleaning Network and co-founder of Green Cleaning University.

Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy and recent inductee to the new Energy Efficiency Hall of Fame created by Johnson Controls and the United States Energy Association.

Jason Clay, senior vice president of markets at World Wildlife Fund, works to improve agriculture and aquaculture practices, with expertise in various commodities including soy, cotton, shrimp and sugarcane.Anne Johnson

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Program Director Anne Johnson (right) is a panel member with more than 15 years of experience with materials, environmental management, industrial processes and packaging systems evaluation.

Kathleen McGinty, former chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality and Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. McGinty currently serves as founding partner at Peregrine Technology Partners and operating partner at Element LLC, two firms focused on clean tech investment and commercialization.

Google's manager of green business operations and strategy, Rick Needham, previously served as vice president of business development at DEKA Research and Development Corp.

Amy O'Meara, senior manager of environment and energy at the Clinton Global Initiative. O'Meara previously spent five years focused on corporate engagement and shareholder activism at Amnesty International USA.Jerald Schnoor

Jerald Schnoor, (left) co-director of the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research at the University of Iowa, specializes in water quality modeling, aquatic chemistry and biogeochemistry. His current research interests include groundwater contamination and hazardous waste remediation, water quality monitoring and carbon sequestration.

Kimberly Thompson, president of Kid Risk and adjunct associate professor at Harvard School of Public Health, who brings to the table a background in risk assessment and risk management.

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