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Pharma Leads, Toy Makers Lag in Latest Climate Counts Scores

<p>In the latest update to the Climate Counts scorecard, 30 out of 47 firms improved their scores, but huge differences remain sector by sector, and industry as a whole is failing to meet the climate challenge.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

The latest update to the Climate Counts scorecard, released today by the nonprofit group launched in 2007 with support from Stonyfield Farm, reflect general improvement in sustainability issues, but huge differences remain sector by sector, and industry as a whole is failing to meet the climate challenge.

Out of the 47 firms evaluated for this round, 30 improved their scores, with Kenmore, Lego and AB Electrolux showing the biggest gains. The firms climbed 29 points, 22 points, and 19 points respectively, and AB Electrolux in particular moving into the second-highest place in the Large Appliances sector.

Despite a few big gains, most of the improvements were incremental: In total, 32 of the 47 firms profiled today either lost ground, held steady or gained fewer than five points out of 100

"This is our first scorecard release after both the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and the Senate's failure to pass meaningful climate legislation, and the results are disappointing," Climate Counts Executive Director Wood Turner said in a statement. "Small improvements will not meet this challenge -- we need real innovative leadership to solve the climate crisis, and as large investors in renewable energy technology begin to turn away from the U.S. to other parts of the world more poised to lead, the implications for slow-moving business are certainly concerning."

The companies evaluated today span a number of sectors, and highlight the leaders and laggards among each industry, as well as for industries as a whole.

Among the companies standing tall at the top of their industries, Steelcase (60 points) leads the pack for home and office furniture, AstraZeneca (79 points) leads the pharmaceutical sector, and Hasbro Toys (37 points) leads the toy and children's equipment industry.

Those comparisons are apples to oranges, though: The pharmaceutical sector rankings include 15 firms, with all but three firms scoring higher than 50. Meanwhile, the toy sector rankings show an industry almost completely failing to address environmental issues: Of the 13 firms evaluated, Hasbro ranks highest with 37 points, and eight companies scored zero.

"As a parent, I'm astonished that the toys and children's equipment sector continues to be the worst we score," continued Turner. "It really is time for concerned parents to make their voices heard and let these companies know that avoiding climate action is unacceptable."

Since its 2007 launch, Climate Counts has evaluated companies in 17 industries for their commitments and actions on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. In an update released last year, Nike, Unilever and HP were among the top-scoring companies.

And earlier this year, the group kicked off its Industry Innovators program, which lets firms volunteer to be scored and ranked. The program serves as a way for leading companies to tout their successes and push other companies ahead as well.

For full scores and rankings in all 17 sectors, visit

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