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Pitney Bowes' Waste Program Increases Recycling by 45 Percent

Pitney Bowes increased the amount of materials it recycled last year by roughly 45 percent, in large part due to its participation in the EPA’s WasteWise Initiative.

The company’s major sites in the U.S., its two largest sites in Canada and its main office complex in the United Kingdom participate in the voluntary program. In 2008, Pitney Bowes diverted 7,523 tons of materials from landfills or incineration, such as plastic machine-covers, cardboard, foam and film packaging, wooden pallets, steel, aluminum, copper and electronics, according to its 2008 Global Corporate Responsibility Report released Monday.

Pitney Bowes, which makes postage meters and document and mailstream software, also dramatically boosted the amount of products it recycled in the U.S. and Canada from 5.7 million pounds in 2007 to nearly 13.6 million pounds in 2008.


The company, which was a co-founder of the Eco-Patent Commons, an initiative that offers green patents to the public domain, also reduced its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 4.4 percent in 2008 compared to the year before. The company established its baseline carbon footprint in 2007.

By the end of 2008, the company cut its electricity consumption by more than 3 million kilowatt hours by improving lighting and HVAC systems and more efficient equipment, saving the company $873,000.

Pitney Bowes is also upgrading its fleet with more efficient vehicles. Pitney Bowes Norway now offers employees the option of hydrogen, electric or biofuel vehicles, resulting in one on four leased vehicles being replaced with models that are produce at least 40 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The remainder of the fleet will be replaced in the next three years.

The company has adopted a new Supplier Code of Conduct that fosters ethical management practices in its supply chain.

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