A poetic review of 2016

A poetic review of 2016

Sands through an hourglass
Grains of poetry for a year just passing.

Sue Lebeck honored GreenBiz with a year-end review in haiku in 2014 and 2015. Here, she continues the tradition with a look back on sustainability in the past year. 

Our Light

With beauty and grace,
our light shapes the world into
circles big and small.  

Costs of comfort come
down as smart buildings move up.
We use power well.

Converged, we dive deep
for the future  energy,
loops, movement and more.

Using blockchains, our
markets evolve bottom-up.
Get this right for sure.

Our grand strategy’s
new, regenerative and
rich, walkable too 

Changing challenge to
chances to uplift, restore,
rebuild and include.

When citizens and
cities partner deep, life on
the block is a dream.

Integrated, lean,
social and circular: we
break through to warp speed.

A change in climate
for climate change? We stay the
course and double-down 

For there is a crack
in everything  that’s how light
gets in
and around.