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Product Carbon Footprint Standard Launched

A new standard was released Wednesday to help United Kingdom companies calculate the embedded greenhouse gas emissions throughout a product's lifecycle.

A new standard was released Wednesday to help United Kingdom companies assess the environmental impacts of their goods.

The Carbon Trust, BSI Standards and the United Kingdom's Dept. of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs collaborated to create PAS 2050, a new standard to help calculate the greenhouse gas emissions embedded throughout a product's lifecycle.

"For the first time, businesses have a robust, consistent standard for measuring the carbon footprint of their goods and services," said Carbon Trust Chief Executive Tony Delay. "This exciting development will help businesses t really understand the carbon impact of their products and to follow this up with tangible ways to cut carbon emissions across the supply chain."

The Carbon Trust, an organization funded by the United Kingdom government, began piloting the program with 75 product ranges from numerous companies, including PepsiCo, Tesco, Danone and Coca Cola, among others. The pilot produced some carbon labels appearing as early as spring of 2007.

Innocent used the information to pinpoint a recycling opportunity for a supplier that reduce waste sent to landfills by 15 percent in the initiative's first month. That topped 54 percent within six months.

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