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Reversible Box Launched By Salazar Packaging

The idea of reusing shipping boxes is nothing new, but Salazar Packaging has launched a line of shipping boxes that are made to be easily reversed and reused.

While it's easy for companies and consumers to reuse shipping boxes - one company,, exclusively reuses others' boxes - they end up accumulating extra shipping labels and marks to cross out previous logos or labels.

The Globe Guard reusable box, made of 100 percent recycled content and available in various sizes and thicknesses, was created with reuse in mind.

The box is reversed by slicing the tape holding the bottom together and laying the box flat. One of the edges is perforated, which tears easily when holding down one side of it and pulling the other side up.

The underside of one edge has an adhesive strip, and after flipping the box around, the user pulls of the strip's covering and attaches it to the other side, resulting in a brand new box.

[Editor's note: Salazar Packaging president Dennis Salazar occasionally writes blog posts for Greener World Media.]

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