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Rivals Boeing and Airbus Partner for Greener Aviation

Rivals Boeing and Airbus have signed an agreement to work together to improve the environmental impact of the aviation industry.

The companies will team to push for modernization of the global air transportation management system and encourage competition, which both view as critical for environmental and technological advances in new aircraft. Boeing and Airbus also will support the alignment of the industry with environmental positions.

"Airbus and Boeing are great competitors, and this has been a critical element that has sharpened our focus and efforts toward making aviation more efficient" said Scott Carson, the president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "While our approaches often differ, we are working towards the same goal -- to reduce aviation’s environmental impact"

The announcement comes amid a wave of troubles for the aviation sectior, which is grappling with high fuel costs and the demise of several airlines, such as Aloha and ATA. The partnership will work to save fuel and reduce emissions by increasing aviation efficiency and reduce air traffic congestion through better routing, more effective arrival management and speed control to wipe out unnecessary delays and air time.

The Advisory Council for Aernonautics Research in Europe has set a target of 50 percent less carbon dioxide emissions and 80 percent less nitrogen oxides for the aviation sector by 2020. The industry has reduced CO2 emissions by 70 percent in the last 40 years.

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