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SAP and Siemens Target Technologies Needed to Accelerate EVs

Business software firm SAP AG has set its sights on furthering the adoption of electric vehicles with a new partnership with Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Inc.

The two companies will collaborate on developing the underlying technology needed to support widespread electric vehicle use, including the infrastructure needed between charging stations and the back-end systems that will process various utility transactions.

Siemens Energy will contribute an electric vehicle charging station, while SAP will supply software for the back-end system. More participants will soon be added, and demonstration and results will be shared with utilities in early 2011.

"Siemens prides itself on delivering the future of energy today," Holger Kormann, vice president of Energy-North America, Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Inc. "Siemens and SAP have successfully done this work in Europe and now it is time to introduce it to North America." 

A work group formed by SAP and Siemens will put together the Sustainable Utility Committee (SUC) to focus on e-mobility through the SAP AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) Lighthouse Council. SAP and seven utility companies formed the Lighthouse Council in 2008 to address AMI from the back office to the meter, which it called the technical foundation needed for scaling up smart grid technologies.

During the first phase of the project, the work group will demonstrate the end-to-end process integration of measuring energy consumption and producing an invoice at the home charging station. The partners will also work on dealing with roaming scenarios, such as when an electric vehicle driver accesses a charging outside his or her network or state, and then must pay for the electricity used.

With participation from select utilities, the partners will also examine cases where electric vehicles generates energy that is sold to the grid.

Image CC licensed by Flickr user psd.

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