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SAP's car-sharing app saves it $5M

SAP will publicly release a car-sharing app that has helped save the company more than $5 million since the software giant deployed it internally in 2011.

The TwoGo app helps companies encourage employees to car share lifts to work, cutting carbon emissions, travel expenses, and corporate fleet costs, as well as reducing the need for car parks at corporate offices.

SAP said the scheme provides additional networking time for employees, while also helping to save them money. The average commuter in large U.S. urban areas spends $16 making a 32-mile round trip to work each day, according to the company.

Employees can sign up for the app online and enter preferences such as proximity, timing to and from work and willingness to leave the highway to pick up passengers. They are then matched into carpools automatically according to their selections.

In the two years since the app was introduced, SAP said, it eliminated 400,000 miles of driving and avoided 88 tons of greenhouse-gas emissions, while also curbing reimbursements for fuel, reducing the need for taxi services and limiting pressure for parking spaces at the company's offices.

Image of work colleagues carpooling from the office by imageegami via Shutterstock.

Moreover, the app helped reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs and increased the resell value of company cars, while adding 2,200 additional days of networking time among employees by matching more than 36,000 carpools.

"We expect TwoGo to not only help people and businesses save money and greenhouse-gas emissions, but to also connect people more closely with each other and with the company they work for," said Peter Graf, chief sustainability officer at SAP AG.

"It has been designed around employees with one single objective in mind: create the most effective, intuitive and beautiful experience possible."

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