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SC Johnson Discloses Ingredients in All Consumer Cleaning Products

<p>SC Johnson has finished listing most of the ingredients in all of its home cleaning and air care products on its consumer-focused website. The company will next introduce a Spanish-language site, create new product labels and eventually disclose the ingredients in preservatives and fragrances.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

SC Johnson has added all of its home cleaning and air care products to a website that lists the products' ingredients and explains the purpose of the ingredients.

The company set up the site,, nine months ago with information on Nature's Source cleaners, Windex outdoor spray, Shout wipes and Glade candles and sprays.

SC Johnson originally planned to add the rest of its products over the next three years, but recently finished adding all of its 129 air care products and 76 home cleaners.

The site lists the ingredients in consumer-friendly terms as well as their technical terms and explains why the ingredients are in products.

SC Johnson also plans to list the ingredients that make up preservatives and fragrances. Companies typically do not reveal what makes up fragrances since they are seen as proprietary information. When SC Johnson launched its ingredient-listing website, it said it would eventually list all possible ingredients in fragrances in order to disclose what could be in products while keeping proprietary information secret.

The company plans to have the preservative and fragrance ingredients listed by January 1, 2012. It will also launch a Spanish-language version of the site by early 2010.

SC Johnson's website came about after cleaning industry companies developed a voluntary industry initiative in late 2008 to list ingredients online, on product labels, via toll-free numbers or other non-electronic means. Although the agreement allows companies to list ingredients through at least one of those options, SC Johnson is listing its ingredients in all three ways. Along with the website, SC Johnson's toll-free number is 800-558-5252, and it plans to roll out new labels with all the ingredient information by January 2012.

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