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SC Johnson Launches Greenlist Product Labels

SC Johnson will begin designating products with a special label indicating they contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The Greenlist logo, which will adorn product labels beginning this month, is based on a patented process that rates 95 percent of the raw materials used in SC Johnson's products. The process, launched in 2001, lets the company measure the overall environmental impact of each product, as well as aids its ability to tweak formulas to scale back harmful ingredients.

Using the Greenlist, the company improved its Windex glass cleaner while making it 30 percent more effective in terms of cleaning power.

It also reformulated its Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner to improve its biodegradability and reduce the amount of VOCs. Its fantastik Orange Action cleaner is solvent free with no VOCs.

All told, SC Johnson's use of the Greenlist Process has enabled it to remove more than 61 million pounds of VOCs from the environmental footprint of its products. The Greenlist earned a presidential award for green chemistry in 2006.

SC Johnson recently announced it has implemented a pilot program that will improve its transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions by improving its logistics operation. Through maximizing each delivery truck's carrying capacity, the company saved $1.5 million an reduced emissions by nearly 2,000 tons.

It also uses renewable energy to power its Waxdale factory, which is its largest manufacturing plant that produces Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner.

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