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The Seligmann family links the head and the heart of sustainability

The best of live interviews from GreenBiz events. On this episode: Peter Seligmann and daughter Leah on stage together, for the first time, discuss conservation.

Like father, like daughter. 

Conservation International co-founder Peter Seligmann took the stage at the GreenBiz 17 conference in Phoenix, Arizona, together with his daughter Leah Seligmann, who leads the B Team's climate change efforts as director of the Net-Zero Initiative.

It was the first time they discussed their storied environmental careers that span generations. 

"This is an endless journey," said Peter, who picked up his passion from nature from his parents. "I raised my children on wild stories that took place out in nature." 

His inherited commitment to conservation hit home; Leah later went on to become NRG's chief sustainability officer.

"How do you create a business as a source of impact?" she said.

The importance of sustainability took on even more urgency when she started her own family. 

"What changed for me when I became a mom is [that] I realized that the stakes are high," she said. Now, Leah's work is inspired by the "opportunity to influence issues and make big change fast. It really comes together and hits home."

Watch a video of the entire session from GreenBiz 17 here, and read more about Seligmann's career here.

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