The year 2014 in smart cities, set to haiku

A poem by Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō on a building in Leiden.
Tubantia / Wikimedia2008
"The Rough Sea," a poem by Japanese poet Matsuo Bashō, on a building in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Appreciative of 2014’s innovations and mindful of holiday-season attention spans, here is a (now traditional) green business review — in haiku.

Buying Time
It’s of the essence.
Ice911 buys time for
smart innovation.

Innovating Together
Cities implement
converged innovation while
sharing smart lessons.

Getting Along
Smart city standards
and innovation — peas in
a pod after all.

Go with the Flow
Open ICT
enables smarter urban

Going Places
A taste of change — smart
parking, streetlights, BRT:
a long way to go.

Driving Home
Climate leadership
falls upon cities, driving
resilience at home.

A Material World
Re-use is in style.
Food feeds urban ag, funding
measureable gains.

Connecting the Dots
Buildings and power
interoperate. IT,
OT. IoT.

Internet of Cities
City Protocol
crosses silos and cities.
CP beckons me.

City Summit
Cities conVERGE to
problem-state and problem-solve:
leading together.

Science of Cities
Cities are alive
through their anatomy and

Happy Holidays
and a game-changing New Year.
Join us at CP!