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Sodexo Sets New Goals for Carbon, Seafood, Waste and More

<p>Sodexo has declared 14 new environment, community and health commitment. The food and facility services company plan to reduce its carbon and water footprints, increase its use of sustainable food and products, and reduce waste.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

Food and facility services company Sodexo has laid out 14 broad environmental, community and health goals it plans to tackle within the next 10 years.

In The Better Tomorrow Plan, Sodexo explains its new goals and how it plans to reach them. For most of the commitments, the company still needs to develop policies, management tools and practices before rolling them out to its 33,900 sites in 80 countries.

The company has been working with nonprofit Net Impact to monitor and measure its sustainability efforts through a fellowship program with graduate students.

Sodexo plans to:

Reduce carbon intensity from all operations and clients' sites by 2020, a goal that will primarily focus on impacts from commercial buildings and agriculture.

Reduce water intensity from all operations and clients' sites by 2020.

Source more local, seasonal or sustainably grown and raised products. By 2015, Sodexo wants all of its sites to have menus, recipes and products that include sustainable offerings. This goal also includes eliminating the use of palm oil in cooking and reducing palm oil within products.

Have the majority of the seafood it sells come from sustainable sources by 2015. The company has previously committed to converting all of its wild-caught seafood to sustainable sources by 2015.

Source and promote sustainable equipment and supplies like cleaning products and paper items by 2020.

Increase the purchase of fair trade products by 2015 to the point that all countries have promotions and offers that include fair trade items.

Reduce organic waste by 2015 by improving order and production forecasting, sorting waste for recovery, utilizing composting and other non-landfill disposal methods and working with supplies that collect used cooking oil.

Reduce non-organic waste by 2015 through the use of reusable trays and containers and working with suppliers to reduce packaging waste.

Develop a global sustainable supply chain code of conduct and ensure all of its operations are in compliance with it by 2015.

Support local community development in all of the countries Sodexo operates in by 2015.

Roll out Sodexo's STOP Hunger program to all of the countries it works in by 2020.

Develop health and wellness solutions for clients, consumers and employees by 2015.

Provide and promote foods with reduced sugar, salt and fats at all client sites by 2015.

Provide and promote varied and balanced food options, with revised menus and more vegetarian and vegan options, at all client sites by 2015.

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