The sustainability year 2017 in review, in haiku

The sustainability year 2017 in review, in haiku

Rooster fan design
FlickrKatsushika Hokusai/Photo by sjrankin
Close-up view of a print of a rooster from a Japanese fan design done by Katsushika Hokusai in the 1830s.

Back by popular demand, smart cities consultant Sue Lebeck provides GreenBiz highlights from the past year in verse. You'll find her haiku from years past here.

Sustainability Trumps
Globalism and
Tribalism are transformed
By a third way. Ours.

Ferocity in Phoenix
Fierce sense of purpose
Delivers "yuge" effect. Why?
The Data. Plus love.

Hawaii in an Ocean of Hope
A candid culture
Drives 100 percent clean
Island energy.

Paris pullout prompts
"Still in" cry but collective
Vision still needed.

Bright Minds Converge
Young professionals,
Art and heart accelerate
tech connects at VERGE.

Nature Speaks
Mother Earth flings floods,
Wind and fire. Fierce hurricanes
Too. Cities take note.

Deaf Ears
Our fiercest fighters
Are silenced as their leader
Cooks the books. Great Scott!

350 Hits 100
Aired from Botswana
Diamond-land where deep P-P
Partnership prevails.

Who Leads America?
The gap must be filled.
Subnationals lead nation
At COP23.

Naughty, not Nice
Uncertainty is
Certain with these Trump-era
Proposed policies.

The Big Chill
Wish the chill from the
White House could save the ice caps?
Place bets here instead.

Hope for the Holidays
And community are our
New Grand Strategy.