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Three Citi Locations Earn LEED Pre-Certification

Citi has received LEED pre-certification for a branch prototype, with three branches earning certification and 27 more hoping to get certified.

Citi has received LEED pre-certification for a prototype branch though a U.S. Green Building Council pilot program.

Three branches have been certified under the USGBC's Portfolio Program, and include CitiFinancial branches in Austin, Texas; and Flint, Mich.; and the Citibank financial center in Warrington, Penn.

Twenty-seven other CitiFinancial and Citibank branches were designed with same features as the prototype retail commercial interior and are seeking LEED certification.

Last year, Citi earned its first LEED certifications for new office parks in Irving and Las Colinas, Texas, and has received LEED certification for a 15-story New York City skyscraper.

The Portfolio Program pilot was launched in November 2006 and one of its main aims to allow volume certification of buildings within a company's portfolio and streamline the application and certification process.

Office Depot has recently received volume pre-certification through the program for a store prototype.

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