The top 10 GreenBiz stories of 2014

The top 10 GreenBiz stories of 2014

Ronald McDonald figure in Bangkok, Thailand
Ronald McDonald figure in Bangkok, Thailand

2014 started out with a splash as GreenBiz chairman and executive editor Joel Makower broke the news that McDonald's planned to serve up "sustainable beef." Readers also turned to us for edgy trend pieces about energy, water and food; as well as articles offering strategies in sustainable marketing, supply chain management and education. Here are the most-read articles of the year just passed.

1. Exclusive: Inside McDonald's quest for sustainable beef

The fast-food giant is committing to purchase sustainable beef. Is it biting off more than it can chew?

2. 5 green marketing strategies to earn consumer trust

These tips will help you devise green claims that hold up to scrutiny — and reap rich rewards.

3. 11 innovative companies giving energy storage a jolt

Tackling problems from every angle, these diverse and forward-thinking companies are planning a future with plentiful energy.

4. Monsanto CEO: 3 tools for sustainable farming

Water and arable land grow scarcer even as the world's population swells. Feeding the future requires smarter agriculture.

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant

5. 6 steps for a more sustainable supply chain

Sustainable supply chains are all the rage right now — for good reason. Here's how to get your company started.

Lodge House open cast mine, Derbyshire

6. 4 reasons the Ivanpah plant is not the future of solar

BrightSource Energy’s new project is the world's largest solar thermal plant. But is it the best model for sustainable energy in the desert Southwest?

7. Is a sustainability degree worth it? Here's a crash course

This primer explains the best ways to pursue a reputable sustainability degree, and how much it can affect professional success.

8. 10 companies making waves in water innovation

From industry giants thinking beyond freshwater to startups tackling the wastewater, here are the names to watch.

Coca-Cola Ekocenter

9. The McDonough Conversations: Why nature needs humans

Monarch butterflies are dwindling. Humans can rectify that. "Let's roll," says famed designer Bill McDonough.

Monarch butterfly

10. 4 top sustainability reporting trends for 2014

From materiality to conflict minerals disclosure, here are the top trends in corporate reporting, plus tips on how to refine your approach.

Tin ore in Njingala, North Kivu