5 truly game-changing green buildings of 2014

Every building aspiring to be the greenest will now be measured against Seattle’s award-winning Bullitt Center, which will be awarded full Living Building Challenge Certification by the Living Future Institute in 2015. LBC requires a year of performance data to prove a building’s operations meet the required targets, which include net zero energy, water, waste and no toxic materials as defined by a Red List.

Right now, the Bullitt Center is in its own category. As Denis Hayes, who developed the building, likes to say, “We must make sure this is not a one-off.”

See below the five other major game changers that opened in 2014 or achieved a notable certification, such as Net Zero or Living Building Challenge, this past year in the United States. They are game changers for green design because they are forward looking, going well beyond energy considerations to anticipate climate change and incorporate new standards for health and wellness. Moreover, most are replicable, and several are even profitable for  their developers.