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Verari to Steer Customers Toward Energy Efficiency Incentives

One lesser-known benefit of green it is that, when you're shopping for new data center or storage hardware, if you choose the greenest option, not only will you save money on energy bills up front, but your utility company will pay you for doing so.

As part of what is a full-service green IT sales plan, blade computing manufacturer Verari Systems announced yesterday that it not only wants to sell you energy efficient servers and storage units, but it will also make it easy for you to apply for rebates from your utility company after the sale.

Verari's Energy Credit Incentive Program takes advantage of a growing number of programs from utilities around the country, such as the one in California that landed NetApp a $1.4 million rebate check back in December.

Utilities are keen on the greening of IT because of the dramatic and growing amount of energy used by computer systems, both corporate and private. As more and more businesses increase their data needs, IT represents a major drain on the power grid. By encouraging energy efficiency in IT systems, energy grids will be less strained when demand is at its peak. Earlier this week, Advanced Data Centers announced that it had earned certification in another California-based incentive program, the Savings by Design energy efficiency program.

The Energy Credit Incentive Program follows on another move from Verari; in December, the company launched a Green Leasing Program to encourage customers to buy the most energy efficient products in its lineup.

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