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Verdiem Adds Sustainability Dashboard to Power Management Software

Verdiem today unveiled a "Sustainability Dashboard" feature for its Surveyor PC power management program that helps tie the energy saved from smart PC fleet policies to reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The feature enables IT administrators to quickly measure how PCs in any part of an enterprise are making use of energy-saving software.

The new dashboard helps IT managers quantify the savings from establishing policies to control PC power use -- idling, sleeping or deactivating computers that are not in use while keeping them accessible for software upgrades and other administrative duties.

Among the features of the new dashboard are a customizable readout that can highlight a range of power management settings: the percent of PCs using power management, the geographical or departmental distribution of PCs with energy-saving enabled, savings per day, or the total cost, carbon and energy savings from having the Surveyor software enabled in the enterprise.
A sample report from the Sustainability Dashboard.

The new dashboard also offers real-time results and embeddable charts to highlight the environmental or economic benefits the company has accrued to date.

And those benefits are not insignificant: As we reported last week, Washington state's King County implemented a Surveyor-based PC power management project and cut its energy use by 38 percent. Along those same lines, two U.S. cities that have put Surveyor to use also announced their savings.

The city of Chicago, Ill., has been using Surveyor for less than six months, but has already seen its energy use drop by 30 percent and saved more than 300,000 pounds of CO2 emissions. And Honolulu, Hawaii, which installed Surveyor on 4,500 PCs nearly a year ago, also saved 30 percent on its energy bills, and city officials said that the Surveyor purchase paid for itself within eight months.

"At 30 cents per kilowatt hour, The City of Honolulu is paying the highest energy rates in the country," said Gordon Bruce, Director/Chief Information Officer for the City of Honolulu, "so we deployed Verdiem's PC power management solutions as a key component of our green IT initiative and it's already paying dividends."

A sample screen from the Sustainability Dashboard. Click for full-sized.

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