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Verdiem Pushes for Wider Power Management Adoption in PCs

Verdiem today released its latest push to spread adoption of its Surveyor power management software as far across the PC universe as possible.

At Microsoft's Management Summit in Las Vegas, Verdiem announced details of its Power Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.  The new tool will let IT administrators install and manage Surveyor across an entire enterprise PC fleet.

"As energy prices continue to rise and environmental concerns reside as central concerns to the global economy, PC power management is a simple, cost effective and highly quantifiable implementation of Green IT practices," said Brett Goodwin, Verdiem's VP of Marketing.

The Power Management Pack will allow IT managers to handle distribution of new and upgraded software and patches easily, while also helping reach energy reduction and cost-saving goals.

Power management is a growing practice among companies of all sizes: as energy prices continue to climb -- and limits to total energy availability affect companies and data centers -- businesses are using power management as a way to make the best use of their fleets of PCs and servers.

We reported yesterday on a new technology that creates a PC state between "active" and "asleep," which can save up to 90 percent of the energy used for updates, internet downloads and other processing-light functions.

But there are plenty of ready-for-prime-time applications to manage PC power use as well: in March, the Climate Savers Computing Initiative hosted a PC Power Management Summit to walk IT pros through the benefits and processes of implementing a successful power management strategy.

Among the case studies on offer were Verizon's implementation of a free power management software tool that will save the company about $5 million per year. Last fall, AT&T announced that its own power management project would save more than $13 million per year once it was installed on its full fleet of 310,000 PCs.

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