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Volvo Phone App Helps Swedish City Employees Cut Commuting Emissions

 Some employees of the city of Gothenburg have cut their transportation emissions by up to two-thirds with a commuting tracking tool developed by Volvo IT.

Commute Greener is a phone and web application designed to help people reduce the carbon footprint from their commute to and from work.

Users enter how they currently commute, and the application calculates their footprint. People can then set a reduction target and enter how they travel each day. The application tracks the user's progress and shows the differences between travel methods.

Commute Greener also lets people create personal networks with others in order to share their efforts and compare their progress to others.

The city of Gothenburg signed up to make the application available to employees, splitting participants into 50 groups. The average target was a 10 percent reduction. In the first 10 weeks of using the application, most passed their carbon reduction targets, and some cut their emissions by 67 percent.

Cities, companies and organizations that use Commute Greener can set up a network of their own for employees to compare their efforts.

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