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Wal-Mart Looks for Stories Behind Green Products

For Wal-Mart's 2009 Earth Month promotion, the company wants to be able to talk more about products, where they come from and why they are better choices.

At a Doing Business in Bentonville Speaker Series event, Rand Waddoups of Wal-Mart explained the company's marketing goals and some of the lessons it learned from customers and suppliers, according to the Arkansas Morning News.

Waddoups, senior director of corporate strategy and sustainable development, said the company wants to promote products that benefit waste reduction and recycling, social or community impact, natural resources and energy.

"Not only do we need more innovative products, but we need to be able to tell a story around that product," he said. The company is also working on better explaining to suppliers what kinds of products are considered sustainable, as well as communicating to consumers why certain products are better for the environment or human health.

The company is currently deciding which products to promote during next year's Earth Month campaign. This year the company highlighted more than 50 products, including T-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles, fair trade coffee, recycled-tire mulch, CFLs and Clorox's Green Works cleaners.

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