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Walmart, UPS and what's next in clean fleets

Hybrid, electric and biodiesel cars have been mainstays for certain segments of the consumer market for years. Their bretheren in the commercial market? Not so much.

The market for low-carbon fleets — alternative powertrain trucks, vans, other large corporate-owned vehicles — hasn't quite accelerated yet. A combination of new data, tools and policy changes could start to change that.

Though market share looks likely to evolve between time-tested (and carbon-intensive) diesel, natural gas, hybrid and electric motors, biofuels and other variations, one thing is for sure: the logistics of the future are likely to rely on a very different energy mix than today's vehicles.

“This is all a very big change for people in this world in almost a structural way," said Eric Olson, a transportation-focused senior vice president at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). "To go from a single fuel to what they call a poly fuel system is a big change. How do you manage a network like that?”

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